Master of Arts: Thesis 2013

Short information

In my master thesis I examined the interaction of a modular piece of furniture in the configurator context. The main focus was on the usability flow. After the practical examination, the creation of an interactive prototype allowed me to realize a pixel-accurate chart flow.

"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings."

Tom & David Kelley

In the App prototype the user immediately had the opportunity to digitize his room via the AR photo function. Once the gizmo was set and the user had measured the axes, the room was digitized in 3D for configuration and navigation. The interaction principle of the top bar and the bottom bar with the Create menu was realized. As soon as objects were selected and placed, a second lower bar opened with the editing functions of the selected objects.

After the digitilization of the room the user could select from the basic objects and virtually created his own furniture. Using simple touch gestures the blocks were selected by tap and then placed in the grid of the room. In addition, the user could playfully align the blocks with drag and rotate. The localized objects could be activated by a press or hold gesture. Other features like color design, addition of roles or stands were also available. The ViewCube and a pinch and spread gesture made it possible to navigate several rooms.

Evaluation & Conclusion

In the final part of my thesis I visualized the concept prototype through a chart flow. After the research I was able to finalize the design and successfully complete the project.

"Design is about 3 dimensions and the 5 senses."

Danielle Sacks

Master thesis supervisor:
Faculty of Design HTW Dresden - Prof. Holger Jahn, Prof. Peter Laabs

Cooperation partner:
T-Systems Multimedia-Solutions GmbH - Frank Lamack